Guatemala is quickly becoming a second home for us. Since meeting on the mission field in

Honduras back in 1999, most of Central America feels like an extension of home for Jessica

and I and Guatemala is no exception. In Guatemala, we have joined forces with New Covenant

World Missions to help direct and oversee their ministry in the Peten region of Guatemala. This

includes a missions campus where we host church groups as well as short and long term

missionaries. The Campus includes an on-site Bible school and accredited seminary.

The main focus of our Guatemala work at this point in time is the administration of Hospital

Shalom, a 30-bed hospital complete with two operating arenas and a three-chair dental clinic.

This has been the life work of our friends Tim and Doris Spurrier who began building the

hospital over twenty years ago. William currently serves as the Executive Director of the

ministry and our primary objective is to provide Stateside quality healthcare to the people of the

Peten at minimal cost. To this end, we partner with Samaritan’s Purse who connects us with

healthcare personnel from across the globe including top orthopedic surgeons from The

Cleveland Clinic. The men and women who come and serve volunteer their time and talents in

order to make affordable healthcare possible for the people of the Peten. In this very tangible

way, we are able to partly fulfill Jesus’ admonition in Matthew 25:35-41.”Truly I tell you, whatever

you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.


Contact us for more information about these projects if you would like to be a part!

William & Jessica

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