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Projects & Opportunities

Scroll down to see the projects and opportunities that you can be a part of.




Support a preschool for $500 a month.  This includes a teacher's salary, one hot meal a day, school supplies and a uniform for each student.


Start-up Businesses for Pastors

Help a pastor start a small business that will support he and his family.  The goal is to help these pastors become independent and not need monthly support from WDM.  Small businesses include general stores, cement block production, taxi services, and raising chickens for eggs.  These are some but not all of the options.

Cost to start small businesses range from $2,500 to $5,000.



Build a Church

For $10,000 you can help build a church structure.  Many of our pastors do not have a sufficient building in which to hold services.  


Motorcycle for a pastor

For $1,500 you can purchase a motorcycle for a pastor.  Most of our pastors do not have personal transportation which causes them to have to use public transportation or walk.  A trip that is only 10 minutes on a motorcycle can take hours on the public bus system.



Radio Ministry

Primetime Radio Preaching Program monthly rate $1,000.  This is an invaluable tool that enables the Gospel to go out to over 18.6 million listeners.


Ministry Trips 

On each trip we hold pastor/leader conferences where we strengthen and encourage men and women with the Word of God.  During these trips we also visit our preschools, meet with individual pastors to encourage them and in the evenings preach the Gospel on the radio to 18.6 million listeners.

Each trip cost $6,000



Maranatha Soccer Team

Maranatha soccer team started in the heart of Pastor Andrew as an evangelistic outreach.  During halftime Pastor Andrew shares the Gospel and then ask those interested in knowing more to see a team member after the game.  This team has risen from a village team to the farm level of soccer.  Help support them monthly with uniforms, shoes, equipment and travel expenses for $500 a month.


Bicycle for a pastor

Some of our pastors live in very remote areas and prefer a bicycle as their mode of transportation.  For $200 you can purchase a bicycle for a pastor.



Hostel / Small Business

This hostile will help our main church, Victory Christian Centre, with finances for itself as well as financial support for the 14 other churches under it's leadership.

This project cost $25,000.  We have raised $20,000 and only need $5,000 more to complete.

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