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God's Faithful Provision: See What God Has Done In Tanzania

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

God's Faithful Provision

God's faithfulness never ceases to amaze me! Many of you have been praying and believing with us for an "evangelistic package" which includes a truck, sound equipment and a generator to be used in spreading the Gospel in village areas in Tanzania. Well, God supplied that need through donors like you. Two separate donors came forward with a generous desire to split the cost of the equipment. We were able to purchase these items just a few weeks ago and Pastor Andrew will begin using them in July. There are already several crusades set up for the month of July. Pastor Andrew will go to these village areas for 3 to 4 days and show the "Jesus" film at night and hold discipleship meetings in the mornings for the new converts. If there are no evangelical churches available for the new converts, he will set a plan in motion to start a church in the area. This is a system that can carry on for years to come and make an impact in unchurched villages.

The Preschools

We were able to visit one of our preschools while we were there this past April. What a joy to spend time with these precious children! Just as as reminder, these preschools are a vital part of our outreach as families of every religious background will send their children there to learn English. Each preschool meets in one of our churches which in turn becomes a center hub for the community. At the same time they are learning English they are hearing the Gospel and being loved on with a meal for that day, uniforms and special treats during our visits with them.

Update on Maranatha Soccer Team

Last year through donor giving we were able to start a "Christian" soccer team. Uniforms, shoes and soccer balls were provided to a group of young Christian men Pastor Andrew had brought together. The idea was to begin winning games so people would come to see the games and during halftime the Gospel would be presented and anyone interested could talk to one of the team members after the game. Well, the team has been such a winning success that they have been noticed by a "farm league" which has asked them to step up into that league and begin playing at a higher level. The team has gotten the attention of several sports news programs where articles have been written about their winning success- all the while being given a platform to share their faith as they progress through the soccer ranks.

Pray For:

Please pray for Mama Tymoh (Jane) as she has been battling cancer for the last year. We have been walking alongside her in prayer and helping financially whenever possible for treatments. She is the wife of Pastor Timothy who pastors one of the churches under Pastor Andrew in a village named Yava Yava.

Update On The Deagle Homefront

Lastly a quick update on the family. Jessica and I have now become the shortest two in the family! Jon is 20 years old and headed into this junior year at Berry College majoring in Creative Technology and minoring in Entrepreneurism. Shea is 17 years old and headed into her senior year of high school at Hebron Christian Academy and looking at the College of Charleston for marine biology. Josiah (Jojo) is 15 years old and headed into his sophomore year at Hebron Christian Academy and playing basketball whenever possible while counting the days down until he gets his driver's permit! Jessica and I love to watch each of our children being molded into the person God has created them to be.

We continue to believe God for more supporters as the ministry grows in Tanzania. There are always opportunities to start more preschools, build more churches, buy more radio time and hold more pastor/leader conferences. If you want to co-labor with us please visit our giving page by clicking on this link.

Thank you for being in this with us!

William (for the Deagles)

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